Companies Team Up To Develop New Products For CIGS Solar Modules


Smit Ovens has partnered with Solliance to develop new thermal products for copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) module production.

Through a recently signed four-year deal, Smit has become a partner in Solliance's CIGS program and will supply Solliance with a selenization system for use in Solliance's pilot line. The partners will work together to define and develop furnace specifications based on experience gained over the course of the agreement.

Smit says it expects the partnership to reduce the time for the company to develop and market new thermal solutions for CIGS manufacturers. As a part of the agreement, Smit also plans to offer the opportunity for CIGS module manufacturers to work jointly with the company to develop and validate production processes.

Smit's active selenization concept supports a flexible crystal growth process through vapor-supported process chambers. These process chambers are independently controlled and offer broad process windows that enable predefined crystal growth, the company says.

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