Company Unveils New Holographic-Optic Solar Module


Arizona-based Solar Bankers LLC and its Dresden, Germany-based affiliate Apollon GmbH & Co. KG have developed a prototype of a new concentrated solar PV (CSP) module composed of a silicon cell and a holographic foil.

The new module is based on a holographic optic, opposed to other CSP modules that use flat lenses. According to Solar Bankers, the module only needs a fraction of the semiconductor material required for conventional PV.

‘The holographic element is printed on the cover glass and filters the sunlight hitting the solar cell," explains Alfred Jost, president of Solar Bankers." The printing process allows a economical duplication and simultaneously saves laser and development work, usually necessary when using holographic elements.

‘Thanks to this specific wavelength selection, we avoid overheating issues usually generated by concentrated technologies which are the source of significant efficiency losses,’ he adds.

The new module continues to use silicon as the solar cell material. It has already been patented in the U.S. and is ready for full production.

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