Completes USPS’ Largest Solar Power And Efficiency Project


Chevron Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Chevron Corp., has built the largest solar power and energy-efficiency project for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) at its mail center in Northern California.

The project at the Oakland Processing and Distribution Center reduces the facility's power purchases by more than one-third. A 910 kW solar power system was installed on its rooftop, and other energy-efficient upgrades include new lighting systems, a new energy management system to control HVAC equipment, high-efficiency air compressors and water conservation measures.

According to Chevron Energy Solutions, these improvements will lower total annual electricity purchases by almost 11 million kW hours. This project is one of dozens that the company is developing at mail facilities throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii under a multiyear contract with the USPS.

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