Con Edison Plans Solar Energy Pilot Program


New York-based Con Edison has filed a proposal with the Public Service Commission (PSC) for an 18-month solar energy pilot program encompassing homes, businesses and the company's own facilities, with the goal of generating 12 MW of solar electricity by 2011.

Con Edison's filing supports solar power recommendations from Gov. Paterson's Renewable Energy Task Force, as well as the city's PlaNYC energy goals, and complements the state's overall effort to make New York's energy portfolio greener, more diversified and more secure.

The pilot program will study the potential impact of solar installations on the electric grid's most heavily used sections, explore cost and available funding for solar generation, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of fossil fuels. The company also expects the program to yield important insights about customer interest in solar, its potential impact on system operations and to spur more expansive projects after results are evaluated.

If approved, Con Edison's initial solar proposal will generate up to 5 MW from large installations of 200 kW or more; 5 MW from smaller installations, primarily for residential or small to medium commercial customers; and 2 MW on Con Edison facilities in daytime peak electric use neighborhoods.

Stimulus appropriations, federal and New York City tax incentives, as well as New York State Energy Research Development Authority funds will be sought to defray the estimated $20 million to $25 million initial pilot program costs, based on expected responses.

The full proposal can be viewed at

SOURCE: Con Edison

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