Concorde Battery Expands Line Of SunXtender AGM Batteries


Concorde Battery Corp. has added new battery sizes to its SunXtender product series. SunXtender batteries are absorbed glass mat (AGM) valve-regulated batteries specifically designed for renewable energy applications.

The new models are the 12V PVX-1530T, the 6V PVX-4050HT and the 2V PVX-12150HT. Concorde Battery says it is currently the only manufacturer producing these AGM sizes in the U.S.

According to the company, the non-spillable batteries feature a maintenance-free design that does not require water replenishment, and a proprietary pure lead-calcium design and deep-cycle plate technology designed to provide a long product life.

The batteries also feature a low-impedance AGM structure for improved charged acceptance, proprietary PolyGuard microporous polyethylene separators to promote longer plate life, and corrosion-resistant copper alloy terminals for maximum conductivity.

Concorde Battery Corp.: (626) 813-1234

SOURCE: Concorde Battery Corp.

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