Conergy Acquires 18 MW Of U.K. Solar Projects


Conergy has acquired the rights to build and operate two solar power plants in the U.K. with a combined capacity of 17.95 MW from developer Solar Securities.

The larger of the two projects, a 13.5 MW plant on a disused coal mine in South Wales, has permission from local authorities to operate for 35 years. The second facility, a 4.45 MW plant in the county of Cornwall, has permission for 25 years on a 35-year land lease.

Both projects are expected to be operational by the end of the year.

‘Solar is increasingly eating into coal's market share globally, so it's fitting that we should be starting a project in South Wales, which produced a lot of the coal that powered Britain's industrial revolution,’ says Robert Goss, Conergy's managing director for the U.K. and Ireland. ‘The site in Cornwall, meanwhile, is one of the best in the country, as it's on higher ground and away from the coast.’

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