Conergy Completes 4.5 MW Solar Park In France


Conergy has finished a 4.5 MW solar park in the village of La Fare-les-Oliviers, France. The company says it acted as the main contractor for the plant for UEM, the grid operator and power utility in Metz.

Conergy says the 23.5-acre solar park incorporates 18,000 P Series modules that are expected to produce approximately 6.5 GWh of electricity per year. An official ceremony inaugurated the plant on June 17.

‘With its decision to increase both market volume and subsidies, the [French] government has given a boost to the solar sector,’ says Philippe Pflieger, managing director of Conergy in France. ‘Although the economic situation in this country remains tense, we believe that these steps will restore a good outlook for solar energy in our country.’

The installation for the Provence village also featured solar-powered carports located at the town hall with a combined capacity of 100 kW and capable of supporting 56 vehicles.

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