Conergy Completes Three Solar Projects In France


Conergy France, together with its local partner Soligest, has completed three rooftop solar installations with a total power rating of 6.1 MW.

The three projects contain more than 80,000 thin-film modules on 67,000 square meters of roof surface. Conergy was responsible for both the design and technical planning of the installation.

The largest of the three systems, at 2.7 MW, has been connected to the public grid and was installed on top of a logistics center in Thiers, Puy-de-Dome in France. The 2.3 MW installation is located in Bollene in Vaucluse, and a smaller 1.1 MW installation will now produce green energy on top of a warehouse in Maine-et-Loire. Soligest will also serve as the operator the solar projects.

The three installations involved in the joint project all benefit from what is known as ‘tariff protection," so the feed-in tariffs applied will be those that were valid at the time the project was planned back in 2010, Conergy explains.

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