Conergy Introduces SolarGiant PV Array Structure


Conergy has introduced its SolarGiant ground-mounted PV array structure, which is designed for the North American market and intended for use in utility-scale PV projects.

Key to SolarGiant's cost-effectiveness, the company says, are innovative module installation and grounding techniques. The SolarGiant uses a high-strength, proprietary rail system that allows modules to be simply slid into place, decreasing installation time. The proprietary Electriwedge grounding system, developed in cooperation with Wiley Electronics LLC, quickly locks the modules in place and provides electrical continuity throughout the array.

‘We're excited about the SolarGiant and the unique features and advantages it brings to the commercial PV market,’ says Don Massa, mounting systems product manager for Conergy.

The fixed-tilt SolarGiant can be field-set for tilt angles from 15 degrees to 35 degrees. It can be mounted conventionally on or in caissons, but was designed primarily for surface mounting on simple concrete footers.

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