Conergy Releases Updated PowerPlus Photovoltaic Modules


Conergy has introduced a new version of its PowerPlus PV module. The new version can withstand a weight load of 500 kg per square meter and strong winds, the company says. In addition, the module is now 10% lighter, weighing only 19.6 kg.

The module is produced in fully automated production lines at Conergy's Frankfurt (Oder) facility and can be installed both upright and flat in roof-mounted systems, thanks to its extended clamping area. This structure allows for higher flexibility for layout planning and considerably better use of available space, according to Conergy.

The module features positive efficiency tolerances of up to 2.5% on top of rated efficiency, a product warrantee of up to 10 years, a hollow-chamber-free, torsion-resistant frame, and a purpose-built junction box, which is fire-safe due to its soldered junctions inside of the box, the company adds.

Conergy: (888) 396-6611

SOURCE: Conergy

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