Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Provides Grant For R.C. Bigelow’s Solar System


Rocky Hill, Conn.-based Connecticut Innovations' Clean Energy Investment Committee, which oversees the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), has approved a grant of $777,000 to R.C. Bigelow Co. (also known as Bigelow Tea Co.). The grant will cover approximately 55% of the cost of installing a 171 kW solar photovoltaic system at R.C. Bigelow's Fairfield, Conn., headquarters.

According to Connecticut Innovations, the system will be mounted on the rooftops of four different building levels and will supply approximately 195,600 kWh per year, which is equivalent to 6.7% of the total electrical needs of the headquarters complex.

‘We are pleased to be supporting R.C. Bigelow's latest effort to protect our environment,’ says Lise Dondy, CCEF's president. ‘Furthermore, Bigelow's solar panels, once installed, will help alleviate the electric load in the heavily congested region of southwest Connecticut.’

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