Connecticut Governor Vetoes Energy Bill


. Jodi Rell, R-Conn., has vetoed Bill 493, titled An Act Reducing Electricity Costs and Promoting Renewable Energy. The legislation [link=]had been approved by both the state House and the state Senate earlier this month [/link]. The bill contained several provisions for solar energy, including instituting a program to replace the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund's defunct rebate program for commercial solar installations. Environment Connecticut had projected that this move alone would create 300 MW of solar deployed statewide. In addition, the Public Utilities Control Authority would have been renamed the Connecticut Energy and Technology Authority and would have been tasked with promoting the use of renewable energy. However, Rell expressed ‘deep concerns that the measure would raise utility rates for consumers – not reduce them, as bill sponsors claim.’ Although she praised certain components of the legislation – including enhancements to current renewable energy incentive programs, primarily in solar photovoltaic technology – she concluded that Bill 493 ‘is not in the best interests of the ratepayers or taxpayers of our state.’ Rell additionally noted that she was ‘deeply troubled by the lack of transparency and critical public input leading up to the passage of the bill, crafted in the final days of the legislative session.’ SOURCE: [link=]Office Of Gov. Jodi Rell[/lin

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