Constellation And Sunrun Partner On Residential Solar


Retail energy supplier Constellation and residential solar company Sunrun have announced a partnership under which Constellation will offer its residential customers in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and New York the opportunity to install Sunrun solar energy systems on their homes.

“We have a long history of providing solar solutions to our commercial customers, and we are pleased to work with Sunrun to offer affordable solar solutions to our residential customers,” says Bruce Stewart, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Constellation.

According to the companies, Sunrun will enable homeowners to install solar without the upfront cost and complexity of ownership. Sunrun pays for the solar installation and insures, monitors, maintains and guarantees performance of the system for 20 years. Customers purchase power generated from their Sunrun system, and they can continue to receive electricity supply from Constellation if additional power is required.

“With Sunrun, homeowners across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast can simply access the benefits of going solar without the hassle of upfront costs or maintenance,” says Matthew Woods, senior vice president, partners at Sunrun. “Sunrun is pleased to work with Constellation to make it even easier for more families to enjoy energy choice and savings.”

To be eligible, customers must own their home, spend about $100 a month on their electricity bill and have a roof in good condition with favorable sun exposure. More information is available here.

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