Constellation Energy Launches Residential Solar Leasing Program


Constellation Energy says that its retail business is offering a solar panel leasing program to residential customers in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The program offers homeowners a choice of little to no money down or a prepaid lease for a 20-year term.

‘Leasing can sharply reduce the up-front costs for solar, and in this economy, that's an important consideration,’ says Mark Huston, head of Constellation Energy's retail business. ‘For qualified residential customers whose homes meet the requirements for sun exposure and roof area, solar can have a considerable impact on reducing their electricity costs.’

In Maryland, Constellation will offer residential solar sales and leasing through its subsidiary BGE HOME. More information is available at

In markets outside of Maryland, Constellation will offer residential solar leasing under the brand ‘Leasing Powered by Constellation Energy.’ Maryland-based Astrum Solar is providing sales, installation and service support for Constellation's residential solar leasing program.

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