Control Techniques Introduces Central Inverter System


Control Techniques has unveiled a central inverter system designed for utility-scale photovoltaic power plants. Control Techniques' SPV is constructed using 145 kW, 176 kW and multiple 176 kW parallel-connected inverter modules to produce any desired power rating up to 1,760 kW.

The product features a control methodology that enables the modular inverters to switch between standby and active states to match the instantaneous power available from the solar array. This capability significantly enhances both efficiency and plant availability, according to the company.

The active/standby sequence of the inverter modules rotates daily, ensuring that all modules are exercised equally, with the added benefit that individual modules accrue fewer operational hours per year than the alternative bulk-inverter solution commonly found in the market. Therefore, the system provides a longer service life than others, Control Techniques says.

Control Techniques: (800) 893-2321

SOURCE: Control Techniques

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