Cookson, Strip Tinning Team On Module Assembly


Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, a supplier of solder and solder-related materials, has signed a joint commercial and technical strategic collaboration agreement with Strip Tinning Ltd. of Birmingham, U.K., a manufacturer of coated, conductive copper foils used to interconnect PV cells in the assembly of solar modules.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cookson will provide technical input on the selection and utilization of the lead-free alloys that are increasingly being demanded by solar module assemblers. Cookson will also be instrumental in the further development of pre-fluxed solar ribbon, for which the company has a patent pending.

Cookson also takes responsibility for the worldwide sales and marketing of the solar materials, while Strip Tinning undertakes to expand its production capabilities in order to meet forecast demand.

SOURCES: Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, Strip Tinning Ltd.

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