Cool Energy Completes SolarHeart Engine


Cool Energy Inc. has announced the completion and operation of its third Stirling engine platform. The engine, called the SolarHeart engine, converts low-temperature heat into electrical power.

The SolarHeart engine will be integrated into a solar thermal system for homes and buildings to provide both heat and electrical power from free solar fuel. Optimized for users of heating oil or propane in colder climates (northern U.S., Canada and Europe), the system will reduce energy bills by as much as 75%, according to the company. The system will include high-quality evacuated-tube solar collectors and a storage tank that allows electrical power generation, space heating or domestic water heating all day and all night, all year long.

In addition to the solar application, the Cool Energy engine can utilize waste heat (e.g., exhaust heat of a diesel generator or industrial facilities) to generate electricity and boost the total power generated by as much as 20%, the company adds.

SOURCE: Cool Energy Inc.

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