Cooper Bussmann Introduces Surge-Protection Devices For PV Installations


Cooper Bussmann has launched a new line of surge-protection devices (SPDs) designed to help protect solar PV installations from the damaging effects of lightning strikes and other electrical surges, overvoltages and transients.

The multi-pole, modular pre-wired DIN rail-mount SPDs feature a module-to-base locking facility. Their ability to interrupt overvoltage and current provides safe and secure electrical isolation to prevent fire damage, the company says. An integrated fuse link allows safe module replacement on live systems without dangerous arc formation.

Fast-acting short-circuit interrupting technology provides surge protection for all solar PV systems in accordance with UL 1449 (3rd edition) and IEC 60364-7-712, thus helping to protect the user's investment, Cooper Bussmann says. The SPDs feature easyID visual indication with green and red visual indicator flags to show module protective status.

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