Copeland Creek Reopens With Solar Energy Systems


Copeland Creek Affordable Senior Apartment Homes, Rohnert Park, Calif., has reopened its doors with newly remodeled facilities and environmentally friendly solar energy systems installed by Berkeley, Calif.-based Sun Light and Power.

The multifamily affordable housing complex features solar photovoltaic systems on each of its residential buildings and laundry rooms, totaling 86 kW in size, Copeland Creek says. Sun Light and Power also installed solar hot water systems with high-efficiency on-demand water heaters and solar pool collectors.

‘Solar photovoltaic has been a good investment at Copeland Creek,’ comments Chris Flynn, asset manager for the Reliant Group, the investment group that purchased the Copeland Creek Apartments and converted them into affordable multifamily housing. ‘It is rewarding, both financially and environmentally.’

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