CPA Board Approves Solar, BESS Deal with BHE Renewables


The Clean Power Alliance (CPA) board of directors has approved two 20-year PPAs with BHE Renewables for solar+storage projects co-located at BHE Renewables’ Solar Star 3 and Solar Star 4 facilities in Kern County, Calif.

CPA is slated to begin receiving energy from Solar Star 3 and Solar Star 4 next year. Each project is projected to provide 24 MW of solar power generation and 23 MW of four-hour battery energy storage. 

“We are in a critical moment in California’s transition to clean energy, where we must ensure power reliability as we work to create a greener future,” says Ted Bardacke, Clean Power Alliance CEO.

“The expansion of solar and storage together increases energy resilience for our region and our millions of customers.”

This is the first time CPA has contracted with BHE Renewables.

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