CPUC Approves 1 GW Solar RAM Program


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has voted unanimously to approve the Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM) program, which is designed to drive small- to mid-sized renewable energy development. This feed-in-tariff program will require investor-owned California utilities to purchase electricity from solar and other renewable energy systems up to 20 MW in size.

Solar organizations praised the CPUC for approving the program. ‘The Solar Alliance applauds the CPUC for creating and approving this RAM program, which will open up a significant market potential in California for simplified renewable energy procurement,’ said Sara Birmingham of the Solar Alliance, a trade association of solar manufacturers and developers.

The CPUC vote establishes a 1 GW pilot program for power from eligible mid-sized renewable energy systems. The program requires California's three largest investor-owned utilities to hold biannual competitive auctions in which renewable developers can bid.

Further details on the program from the CPUC are available here. To review information on how this program could be a major boon for California's solar market, click here.

SOURCE: Vote Solar Initiative

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