CPUC Approves 42.6 MW Of Rooftop Solar For SCE Program


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved 22 solar projects totaling 42.6 MW of direct current power for Southern California Edison (SCE).

The projects are part of the utility's plan to obtain electricity from independent power producers as part of its Solar Photovoltaic Program. The latest request for offers is the fourth of five planned solicitations since the program began in 2010.

The solar program is designed to encourage energy production from rooftop-mounted PV facilities sized between 1 MW to 2 MW, but it allows for projects between 0.5 MW and 10 MW.

The rooftop projects selected are distributed throughout SCE's service territory and were proposed by two different developers, Borrego and SunEdison. The power-purchase agreements have been reviewed and approved by the utilities commission.

As part of the procurement effort, SCE also sought projects to serve the Orange County area that could enhance the reliability of the local grid. One of the projects approved by the commission is a 1.63 MW rooftop project in that county.

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