CPUC Approves 800 GWh PG&E Contracts With BrightSource


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved two solar energy contracts for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E). Both plants are being developed by BrightSource Energy Inc.

The first project, Ivanpah 1, features a 25-year contract length and is expected to be in service in July 2012. Planned for Ivanpah, Calif., the solar thermal plant will have a 110 MW generating capacity and produce 284 GWh per year.

Ivanpah 3, which will also be located in Ivanpah, Calif., will have a capacity of 200 MW and generate 516 GWh per year. PG&E has signed a 25-year contract for the energy generated by this project, which has an expected operation date of July 2013.

Through its agreements with BrightSource, PG&E will receive deliveries up to 800 GWh of energy per year from two new solar thermal facilities, with deliveries beginning in 2012. PG&E also negotiated a royalty agreement with BrightSource for payments based on sales and licensing fees of its technology.

SOURCE: California Public Utilities Commission

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