CPUC Report Shows Good Progress In California’s Renewable Energy Deployment


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) says its most recent compliance reports suggest that the state's three largest investor-owned utilities (IOUs) have continued to increase their share of grid-connected renewable energy.

According to the CPUC, renewable power constituted 18% of these IOUs' total retail electricity sales in 2010 – up from 15% in 2009. Southern California Edison (SCE) led the companies with a 19.4% share of renewable energy. In 2009, SCE's share was 17.4%.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.'s portfolio contained 17.7% renewable energy (up from 14.4% in 2009), and San Diego Gas and Electric Co.'s share was 11.9% (up from 10.5% in 2009), the CPUC says.

The commission forecasts that, in aggregate, the IOUs will reach 20% before the end of 2012.


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