CRAIC Technologies Introduces 20/20 Solar Microspectrophotometer


San Dimas, Calif.-based CRAIC Technologies, a manufacturer of UV-visible-NIR microscopes and microspectrometers, has released the 20/20 Solar microspectrophotometer.

This instrument is designed to measure the thickness of thin films, as well as the optical efficiencies and clarity of photovoltaic cells. The tasks can be done by both transmission and reflectance, whether the solar cells are the traditional crystalline silicon substrates or one of the thin-film varieties. Protective glasses and concentrator modules can be analyzed for their efficiency.

The tool can be combined with CRAIC Technologies' proprietary contamination imaging capabilities to locate and identify process contaminants. Due to the flexibility of the CRAIC Technologies design, sampling areas can range from less than one micron to over 100 microns across, company says.

Designed for the production environment, the 20/20 Solar Microspectrophotometer incorporates a number of easily modified metrology recipes, the ability to measure new films and materials, and sophisticated tools for analyzing data, as well as options for automation, including touchscreen control, CRAIC Technologies adds.

CRAIC Technologies: (310) 573-8180

SOURCE: CRAIC Technologies

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