Cree Expands MOSFET Product Line With Lower-Amperage Device


Cree Inc., a provider of semiconductor products for power and wireless applications, has introduced a new 1,200 V silicon carbide Z-FET device designed for solar inverters and other renewable energy power electronic applications.

According to Cree, the new lower-amperage MOSFET device complements Cree's existing MOSFET and features a smaller current rating that enables the device to be included in a wider range of applications at a lower price point or used in parallel to optimize system cost and performance.

The new device is designed to replace the silicon transistors (IGBTs) that are currently used in power inverter designs between 3 kW and 10 kW. It is rated for 12 A at its operating temperature of 100 degrees C and delivers blocking voltages up to 1,200 V, according to the company.

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