Critical Systems Offers Gas Cabinets To Solar Manufacturers


Critical Systems, a reconditioner of gas cabinets and gas systems, says it has prepared its gas cabinet inventory – including gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and gas delivery assemblies – to meet the needs of the solar industry.

‘We are seeing an increasing demand from the start-up to midsize manufacturers for economical cabinets to test different gases in the development of more efficient solar cells,’ states Ted Jones, president of Critical Systems. ‘We attribute a significant amount of the demand we are currently seeing to the federal stimulus money, which is allowing the U.S. to put the research in place to capitalize on this growing market.’

Using a 20-point reconditioning process that has been developed over the past 10 years, Critical Systems says it brings the cabinets back to an as-new condition for significantly less than the cost of a new gas cabinet.

Critical Systems: (208) 890-1417

SOURCE: Critical Systems

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