Crown Battery Unveils Lead-Acid PV Batteries


Fremont, Ohio-based Crown Battery Manufacturing Co. has introduced a new line of renewable energy batteries consisting of 21 models of 12 V, 6 V and 2 V batteries. The CRP Monobloc series includes nine 12 V and 6 V batteries with capacities from 130 Ah to 525 Ah (100-hour rating).

Standard product design features include easy-access multipoint terminals, a built-in fluid level indicator and handles, the company notes. The CRP Power Module series has 13 models, all 2 V batteries with capacities ranging from 710 Ah to 3690 Ah (100-hour rating). Terminal options include stainless-steel threaded stud terminals and inserted brass terminals.

The company's proprietary LifePlus active lead material is manufactured at its own oxide mills to exact standards and specifications, applied uniformly, and temperature-cured in computer-controlled ovens to ensure maximum performance and lifespan, Crown notes. In addition, the company uses heavier plates than other manufacturers, which provide more raw material for chemical reactions.

SOURCE: Crown Battery

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