CRS Reprocessing Services Ranked Among Fastest-Growing Businesses


Louisville, Ky.-based CRS Reprocessing Services LLC (CRS), a provider of slurry reprocessing for the solar and semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry, has been named among Louisville's 50 fastest-growing businesses for 2009, as ranked by Business First.

CRS has developed a number of proprietary recycling processes for reprocessing coolants, lubricants, slurry and other fluids. The company notes that its on-site solution allows customers to eliminate risky and expensive transportation, preserve resources and improve regulatory compliance.

‘Few people locally are aware of CRS as a major green technology company that has a significant global footprint,’ says Scott T. Massie, CEO of CRS Reprocessing Services. ‘Our expansion has been extraordinary in the past year, increasing our staff by 75 percent worldwide as we develop new partnerships and markets.’

SOURCE: CRS Reprocessing Services

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