CS Energy Breaks Ground on NJ Landfill Community Solar Project


CS Energy has begun construction on a 10 MW landfill community solar project located in Berkeley, N.J. The development consists of two 5 MW solar energy systems and is the first ever project to simultaneously close a landfill and build a community solar system atop the landfill, the company says.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with CS Energy and Luminace to close this landfill at no cost to our taxpayers and residents while also offering more affordable and cleaner sources of energy to our community,” says Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato. “My administration and the council have set robust goals for resiliency and green initiatives and are pleased to have this outside the box, strategic method for generating revenue for the township on township-owned land.”

After landfill operations ceased in 1982, the Berkeley Township Landfill remained uncapped due to lack of funds available to close the landfill. CS Energy and Berkeley Township entered a public-private partnership to close the landfill in 2020, and CS Energy spent nearly two years completing all relevant studies and permitting work required to make the project a reality.

Part of New Jersey’s Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, which is now being established as a permanent, long-term initiative, this project also contributes significantly to the state’s goal of 100 percent clean electricity by 2035.

Once this project is complete, CS Energy will have completed 310 MW of solar projects in the state, and a total of 231 MW of landfill solar projects in the U.S.

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