CSI Solar Introduces Tracking System


CSI Solar Power Systems, based in Billerica, Mass., has released model DAT-125, a dual-axis tracker designed for utility-scale solar energy products. DAT-125 features a segmental ballast base designed specifically for landfills, brownfields and superfund sites.

The product delivers a nominal power output average of 12.5 kW per tracker. The proprietary segmental ballast base of the DAT-125 is a non-ground-penetrating, low-ground-pressure substructure. The tracker system can capture the rising or setting of the sun from a low angle of 10 degrees, compared to significantly higher angles found in most systems that ultimately capture much shorter periods of energy, according to the company.

The system is also designed to withstand 90 mph winds when positioned vertically and winds in excess of 200 mph when stowed in the horizontal position. The column segments, main beam and panel frame are all steel with stainless steel fasteners used for connections. All steel components are galvanized for a warranted maintenance-free life span of 25 years.

CSI Solar Power Systems: (978) 600-2100

SOURCE: CSI Solar Power Systems

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