CT Clean Energy Fund Launches Funding Program For PV Installations


The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has launched the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Program, which will offer financial support, in the form of grants, to buy down the cost of installing new solar PV equipment at commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in Connecticut.

The funding is intended to enable owners of solar PV systems to recover the cost of the project over the life of the equipment, with a fair and reasonable return on investment compared to purchasing the equivalent amount of power from an electric utility company, CCEF explains.

Eligible applicants include real estate developers; owners of commercial, industrial or institutional sites; and companies engaged in the development of solar PV projects. Proposed solar PV projects must have a capacity of at least 50 kW and be in the development phase (i.e., not already under construction).

The total funding allocated for projects under the program through April 30, 2012, is $3 million. Projects receiving funding from this program must also be placed into service by this date.

For more information, click here.

SOURCE: Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

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