CVD Equipment Offers New EasyTube Systems


CVD Equipment Corp. has introduced a new family of EasyTube Systems, which are designed to provide a framework of solutions that can be customized to a wide variety of thin-film process requirements needed to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation solar cell and modules.

The EasyTube 3000-SiQC systems have been sold to qualify silicon precursor materials for the solar and semiconductor industry. These systems are used for quality control of the chlorosilane precursors used to manufacture polycrystalline silicon rods. By using the same precursor to deposit an epitaxial film that is measured for purity, the purity of the silicon precursor material can be determined.

According to CVD Equipment, this quality-control tool will help develop lower-cost manufacturing methods for polysilicon precursors being proposed to manufacture solar cells, with only slightly reduced photovoltaic conversion efficiencies.

In addition, the EasyTube research systems are suitable for other film depositions, such as amorphous silicon, polysilicon, silicon nitride, high- or low-temperature silicon dioxide, silicon and silicon-germanium epitaxial, transparent conductive oxides, sulfurization, selenization, rapid thermal annealing, POCl3 and other related diffusion-driven processes.

CVD Equipment Corp.: (631) 981-7081

SOURCE: CVD Equipment Corp.

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