CyberOptics, DEK Solar Expand Partnership


CyberOptics Corp. says its CWA30 optical alignment systems, developed in conjunction with DEK Solar, will be deployed on DEK's new Eclipse metallization line. DEK and CyberOptics are strategic partners in the SMT solder paste printing market, and this is an expansion of that relationship into a new market space, the companies explain.

According to CyberOptics, the CWA30 Solar Wafer Alignment Camera performs accurate, high-speed wafer alignment measurements within the Eclipse print nests. The CWA30 supports the Eclipse advanced printing technologies, including selective emitter, metal wrap-through and print-on-print. The CWA30 also has the ability to perform traditional wafer edge alignment of both monocrystalline and polycrystalline wafer materials, CyberOptics adds.

An Eclipse metallization line, equipped with six CWA30 cameras, is capable of producing 3,600 wafers per hour, and a day's production of wafers are capable of 300 kW of power output, CyberOptics notes.

CyberOptics has supported DEK with fiducial alignment/inspection camera technology for SMT solder paste printers since 2005.

SOURCE: CyberOptics

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