Cyrium Technologies Completes CPV Project, Expands Chinese Relationships


Cyrium Technologies Inc., a developer and supplier of concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) cells, has announced the grand opening of a 200 kW high CPV (HCPV) power station owned and operated by Qingdao HG Solar Energy Co. Ltd.

The HCPV systems are powered by Cyrium's QDEC triple-junction CPV cells installed in modules manufactured by Suntrix Co. Ltd. and mounted on tracking systems designed by Suntrix and produced by Qingdao HG Solar Energy Co. Ltd. Collaboration between Suntrix and Cyrium Technologies on this demonstration project began several months ago. Construction of the power station began last November and was completed this month.

Cyrium's portion of the project received support from Environment Canada's Asia Pacific Partners program, as part of the Canadian government's effort to bring Canada- and China-based companies together to foster cross-border collaboration on cleantech projects.

"Cyrium has been working for more than a year to establish a presence in the Chinese market," says Harry Rozakis, president and CEO of Cyrium." Our relationship with a great company like Suntrix is just the first step in our efforts to bring Cyrium's patented QDEC concentrator photovoltaic technology to the Chinese market. The Qingdao project is a terrific example of what can happen when government and industry work together to drive clean technology."

SOURCE: Cyrium Technologies Inc.

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