DALSA Now Offers Solar Cell Inspection


DALSA Corp., a provider of machine vision technology, has entered the solar cell inspection market. The company says its Piranha HS 4K (aTDI camera), Falcon 4M60, Pantera 22M, Piranha3 8K and the Anaconda offer image capture speeds, image resolution and embedded processing capability suitable for solar cell inspection.

‘DALSA's cameras and hardware are used in the initial part of the quality inspection process to verify patterns and edges, inspect coatings and check for micro-cracks,’ explains Philip Colet, vice president of sales and marketing at DALSA. ‘The precision of DALSA's image capture and processing technology contributes to the immediate and accurate detection of defects in this critical stage of the manufacturing process.’

According to DALSA, advantages of its equipment include a high degree of accuracy via its time-delay integration technology; high speed with its CMOS sensor technology that enables 62 frames per second with a four-megapixel resolution, which allows greater system throughput; and high image resolution due to its new Pantera 22M camera, which allows image capture of a solar cell down to 40um with one shot.

DALSA Corp.: (519) 886 6000


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