Dane County Regional Airport Solar Project Receives Regulatory Approval


Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) has received approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for an agreement to partner with Dane County on a 9 MW solar array near the Dane County Regional Airport. The solar array will generate enough carbon-free electricity to provide Dane County with about 40% of the energy used by all county-owned facilities.

“Clean energy is important to MGE, to Dane County and to many who live and work here. We support the county’s clean energy goals and are excited to partner on this project to add more locally generated renewable energy,” says Jeff Keebler, chairman, president and CEO of MGE.

“Partnerships like this will help MGE achieve net-zero carbon electricity for all of our customers by 2050,” he adds.

MGE is building this solar array under the company’s Renewable Energy Rider (RER) program. Under an RER agreement, MGE partners with a large energy user to tailor a renewable energy solution to meet that customer’s energy needs. RER customers are responsible for costs associated with the renewable generation facility and any distribution costs to deliver energy to the customer. 

The solar array will consist of about 31,000 solar panels and will cover 58 acres of county-owned land north of the airport. Dane County will lease the land to MGE. MGE will construct and own the 9 MW solar array and sell the energy to Dane County.

This will be the largest solar project in Dane County and the largest in the state built for a single customer. The company anticipates the solar array will be generating electricity by the end of the year.

Photo: Dane County Airport’s solar press conference

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