Danfoss Debuts SLX Central Solar Inverter For Utility-Scale Projects


Danfoss has introduced the SLX series of central inverters for utility-scale applications in the U.S.

The inverters, which range from 1 MW to 1.5 MW, are designed for use in Sun Belt regions and can operate at maximum efficiency at ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees C, the company says.

All of the inverter's components remain optimally cooled during operation, due in part to the inverter's liquid-cooled design for semiconductors and inductors, which use Danfoss' patented ShowerPower switching technology. This integrated technology is equipped with speed-controlled fans and pumps to avoid internal pollution and lengthen maintenance intervals – even in dusty regions, Danfoss adds.

An LCD display shows the unit's operating status, and a built-in data logger records and sends performance and operational data. The SLX allows a pyronometer, a wind-speed indicator and temperature sensors to work in parallel.

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