Danfoss Introduces TripleLynx Pro


Danfoss Solar Inverters, a developer, manufacturer and provider of grid-connected inverters, has unveiled the TripleLynx Pro with integrated Web server, master inverter and Ethernet functionality.

The product, which will be available during the first quarter of 2010, allows the user to view settings and log information without installing additional software or hardware devices. The inverters in the systems can be set up quickly and easily by connecting any PC directly to the TripleLynx Pro, using an integrated Web interface, the company adds.

The Web server is available in nine languages, and a comprehensive interface enables the user to view graphs, displaying f.x. daily, monthly or yearly performance. At the same time, status information and settings of the entire network can be reviewed. Web access also makes it possible to replicate system settings, set messaging requirements and export logged data directly to a PC.

Danfoss Solar Inverters: 45 74881300

SOURCE: Danfoss Solar Inverters

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