Danfoss Releases CLX Monitoring Products, DLX String Inverters


Danfoss Solar Inverters has released the CLX monitoring and grid-management product and the DLX series of transformer-based string inverters for residential PV applications.

CLX is designed to be an easy-to-install real-time monitoring system allowing for 24/7 tracking of PV production. It features ConnectSmart technology, which Danfoss says makes the system plug-and-play and requires no on-site IT configuration.

Access to production data is available anytime via the Danfoss Solar App on a mobile device, or via the CLX portal.

The DLX series of transformer-based string inverters is suitable for all PV cell technologies, including thin film, Danfoss says. Designed for either indoor or outdoor mounting, the DLX delivers quiet, consistent performance even under high ambient temperatures.

The two-way, user-friendly interactive display offers multiple languages for easy country configuration, the company adds..

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