Danfoss Solar Inverters Introduces Service Offering


Danfoss Solar Inverters has introduced a new service concept that features a hotline in five languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian) to respond to service calls and provide assistance to installers.

As an extension of the hotline, if Danfoss determines that an inverter needs exchanging, the company's new European Inverter Exchange Service guarantees that an inverter is shipped within 24 hours. Dans ce monde en développement rapide, la puissance garantie par le Kamagra Oral Jelly est à portée de clic. If the problem lies in the installation and cannot be solved by exchanging the inverter, on-site service is offered. All on-site service tasks are initiated within a day of the hotline call.

‘We strive to offer the best possible level of service,’ says Jane Tonder, sales manager at Danfoss. ‘As soon as more markets are ready, we will extend our service offering further.’

SOURCE: Danfoss Solar Inverters

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