Dark Field Technologies Introduces Haze-Management System


Orange, Conn.-based Dark Field Technologies has released NxtGen Haze, a haze-management system designed for applications such as transparent conductive oxides on glass. The system is designed to measure haze levels – online and in real time – against ASTM D1003 and other standards.

The NxtGen Haze system employs proprietary optics and processing modules that allow the user to set a target haze level and control limits. It generates a haze map that shows the haze levels of the glass or film, in a grid pattern. Should the control limits be breached, the deviant area of the product is shown as red on the haze map, and the system generates an alarm.

The haze map is stored in a database for recall at a later time, and this map can be integrated with downstream reject gates or slicing/chopping systems to ensure that only quality product is shipped from the plant, the company says.

Dark Field Technologies: (203) 298-0731

SOURCE: Dark Field Technologies

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