Dark Field Technologies Releases NxtGen ReflecXun


Dark Field Technologies has introduced NxtGen ReflecXun, a system for the in-line inspection of shiny metal coils. The production of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) modules on metal substrates depends upon pristine coil quality, the company explains. Scratches, inclusions, bumps and dents in the coil translate into efficiency losses due to shunts and shorts. The strip surface must be blemish-free and smooth.

Traditional vision systems cannot meet these challenges, as they are not designed to inspect shiny surfaces (Ra <25nm) for defects of 2µm – 10µm and greater, according to the company. NxtGen ReflecXun system utilizes proprietary dark field optics and high-speed scan cameras to detect scratches and other defects. The systems are 100% solid state, self-aligning and maintenance-free, Dark Field Technologies notes.

SOURCE: Dark Field Technologies

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