Datapaq Introduces Temperature-Profiling Systems For PV Manufacturers


Datapaq has released three new products for photovoltaic cell and module manufacturers. The systems are designed to provide temperature-profiling solutions for the contact firing, anti-reflective coating and lamination processes.

The SolarPaq system travels through the furnace or thermal process, measuring a time-temperature profile directly from the product, the company explains. The SolarPaq Anti-reflective Coating System provides temperature profiles from the solar cells as they pass through the silver nitride coating process.

This step is typically conducted using a plasma sputtering process. For the first time, users can now monitor the cell temperature profile even with the plasma energized, Datapaq notes. This system has been designed so that it simply takes the place of one of the cells in the carrier.

Incorporating feedback from process engineers using the Datapaq profiling system in contact firing furnaces, the SolarPaq Contact Firing Cell Clamp is paired with custom-designed thermocouple probes to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements – the foundation for any process optimization.

The SolarPaq Vacuum Lamination System is used to profile the final assembly stage of the solar modules. An all-new thermal barrier ensures that the data logger is protected from not only the heat of the lamination process, but also the external pressure that is applied. A unique external barrier frame eliminates the risk of any stress points being created on the vacuum membrane, the company adds.

Datapaq: (978) 988-9000

SOURCE: Datapaq

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