Dawn Solar, Atlantis Tech Featured In Future Home USA In Beijing


Dawn Solar Systems, a developer of architecturally integrated solar thermal systems, and Atlantis Energy Systems Inc., a manufacturer of building-integrated photovoltaic products, say a major hybrid cogeneration photovoltaic thermal system has been installed in Future House USA, which is being showcased during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In 2003, China's Ministry of Construction authorized the construction of 10 demonstration homes, to be completed prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics – each built by a different country. During and in the six years following the Olympics, Future House USA will be available for public and private tours.

The south-facing roof surfaces of the house employ Atlantis' SUNSLATES roof covering, and a Dawn Solar Systems heating and cooling application is installed just under the PV roof tiles. The system absorbs heat generated by the sun to produce domestic hot water.

SOURCE: Dawn Solar Systems

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