Day4 Energy Develops Higher-Efficiency Solar PV Cells


Day4 Energy Inc., a manufacturer of solar PV modules, says it has developed a design and manufacturing process for its Generation II solar cells, with conversion efficiencies up to 19% on monocrystalline and 18% on multicrystalline silicon materials.

The application of the Generation II photovoltaic cell technology for multicrystalline products is particularly important because of the material's lower price point and the company's secured cell supply, Day4 Energy says. The technology was designed to be compatible with the company's existing manufacturing equipment, enabling rapid deployment and scale-up.

The company expects that a combination of the technology and manufacturing process will reduce production costs by up to 25% of what is currently possible with conventional technology.

‘With the second generation of our proprietary solar cell designs, we are taking a major step toward making solar energy cost-competitive with conventional sources of electrical power generation,’ comments Prof. Leonid Rubin, chief technology officer of Day4 Energy.

Day4 Energy: (604) 759-3294

SOURCE: Day4 Energy

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