Day4 Energy Develops Solar Module Using UMG Silicon


Day4 Energy Inc. says it has successfully developed and tested a proprietary PV module technology specifically designed for application with solar cells based on upgraded metallurgical grade (UMG) silicon material.

The company says the technology is designed to address the specific requirements of UMG silicon-based solar cells and is expected to offer significant cost reduction potential for solar power generation.

Using its proprietary electrode and distributed bypass diode technologies, Day4 was able to integrate shading protection directly into the solar cells, as opposed to the traditional approach that calls for bypass diodes placed in the centralized junction box area on the back of the solar module. Shading protection can now be distributed throughout the solar module, reducing product sensitivity to changing solar illumination conditions and partial solar module shading, in particular.

Day4 says it has applied for patent protection in connection with this invention.

Day4 Energy: (604) 759-3294

SOURCE: Day4 Energy

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