Deep Photonics Develops Short-Pulse Lasers For Thin-Film PV Manufacturing


Deep Photonics Corp. has introduced two new fiber laser platforms – the FLP-532-PPP and the FLP-355-PPP – designed for the photovoltaic industry. The new lasers, which handle film-side scribing of CIGS, a-Si and CdTe, feature adjustable pulse width, pulse-burst packets and variable-pulse packet frequency.

The company adds that the FLP-532-PPP and FLP-355-PPP are visible and ultraviolet lasers combining high power output with extended lifetime, output stability and reliability. With Deep Photonics' new Picosecond Packet Pulsing (P3) technology, the lasers provide improvement in cold ablation of materials and deliver accurate depth control for thin-film materials.

‘PV manufacturers and equipment OEMs have specifically requested an ultra-fast, short-pulse laser that cleanly and accurately ablates current and future material sets at higher throughput,’ says Joe LaChapelle, CEO of Deep Photonics. ‘The FLP-532-PPP and FLP-355-PPP lasers directly address this need.’

Deep Photonics: (541) 738-8888

SOURCE: Deep Photonics

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