DEGERenergie Launches Tracking-Storage Combination Solar Product


DEGERenergie has developed a new system that combines its maximum-light-detection (MLD) tracking technology with a battery management unit called Maximum Solarpower Storage (MSS). Approximately 6 MWh can be generated each year through the combination of the MLD and MSS technologies, according to the company.

‘Thanks to our MLD tracking system, which always guarantees optimum energy yield from the current light conditions, we can generate about 45 percent more energy than fixed solar modules, regardless of the location,’ says DEGERenergie's Artur Deger. ‘Therefore, DEGERenergie's solution requires less surface space for modules.’

The system's prototype has been operational since fall 2011. The first systems will be available in September, with pre-orders currently being accepted, DEGERenergie says.

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