Delta Debuts PV Central Inverter, Monitoring System


Delta Energy Systems GmbH has introduced the SOLIVIA Monitor system, which comprises a gateway, database and Web application that are designed to allow for the complete monitoring of one or many solar PV systems.

Continuous monitoring of a residential PV solar system can be realized anywhere there is Internet access, and real-time and historical data reports can be created and downloaded. Enhanced features include display of the user's site photos, local weather data and environmental savings.

In addition, Delta has developed a 250 kW large-scale central inverter, the SOLIVIA CL 250. This central inverter features an efficiency of 98% when measured without a transformer and is compatible with all types of solar modules, according to Delta. The easily accessible components in the central inverter cabinet are designed to make maintenance simple.

In addition, a state-of-the art color touchscreen makes the unit easy to operate, and the user-friendly menu navigation is intuitive. A Web visualization tool built into the central inverter allows the user to view key information via a web browser. A data logger is also provided to allow the user to record performance data and parameters and download them as needed.

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